Invest in My Work

My work is free! But it takes me hundreds of hours a month to research and create the content. If you’ve found value in what I do, you can invest in my work via the following methods:

Recurring Investment

Patreon is the easiest way for you to support this project on a recurring basis.

If you dunno what Patreon is, it’s a really cool way for subscribers to become patrons of what they love. The way it works is like this: when you become a patron of a creator (like me) you are agreeing to give that person (me again) a tip every month for the work they do.

It’s important to know that my work will always be free. Everyone will always be able to access everything—my articles, my newsletters, and my videos—free of charge. This is just for people who have the ability and the desire to invest in my work. I don’t want anyone stretching their budget if they can’t afford it.

Once you invest, your name will be mentioned in this section of the website. This is the first page visitors visit after landing on the website. Become a Patron!

One-time Investment

If you aren’t ready to commit to a monthly investment, you can make a one-time investment as well. I love coffee. If you want an easy way to buy me a cup, Buy Me a Coffee is the best way. You can PayPal me as well.

Why Should You Invest?

If the ideas I share have helped you or your business, it makes sense to support its development. It ensures that the project stays healthy for a long time for you to reap its values. This also allows you to get involved in the process and make it better by sharing suggestions and ideas. Your investment gives you skin in the game.