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On The Coffee And Junk Podcast I explore Life, Strategy, and Antifragility.

Life is hard. School eduction doesn’t prepare us for it. It didn’t prepare me. Unlike school exams, life doesn’t care about a syllabus or a schedule. There are no rules. Life always finds a way to hit us in the head with a brick.

But I believe life can become easier if we have tools to get us through. My goals is not only to give you access to these tools, but also show you how to use them.

I believe that with enough knowledge and strategy, we can not only dodge the brick that life throws at us, but also find a way to live a successful and meaningful life.

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E05: Second-Order Thinking

Things are not always as they appear. Often when we solve one problem, we end up unintentionally creating another one that’s even worse. The best way to examine the long-term consequences of our decisions is to use Second-Order Thinking.

Imagine that you are a restaurant owner. To boost flagging sales, you set an ambitious target for your team to create three new main course menus in the next six months. Inspired by this stretch goal, your chefs end up creating five new main course menus—a great result! Or is it?

E04: Capturing The Value You Create

There is a difference between the value you create and the value you capture. If you only create value you won’t be able to make a living. If you only capture value you’ll go out of business, or be called a phoney.

E03: A Better Way of Saying, “I Don’t Know”

I’m a big proponent of saying, “I don’t know,” whenever I’m forced to play outside my Circle of Competence. While this way of thinking definitely helps you grow, it does have some downsides. Downside not in your growth, rather, downside in how others perceive you.

E00: Intro