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C&J has had a good start, and I know two things:

  1. C&J Should Go On: I’m obsessed with creating C&J content—it’s the most fun I’ve ever had creating something, and I want it to go on for a long time.
  2. C&J Should be Self-Sustaining: Everything that I create is completely free, and I intend to keep it that way. If C&J has to go on for a long time, it has to be able to support itself. So that's where this Patreon account comes in.

Patreon is a platform that allows Writers, Podcasters, and YouTubers to get funded by their fans or patrons on a recurring basis.

Through Patreon, fans can donate whatever they want, and the donation is recurring each month after that. So anything, from $1/month up (worth less than a cup of coffee), is hugely helpful to the cause.

Your pledge would be mostly used to support me. I'm a human and have some basic needs, such as food, clothes, and coffee. I also need to buy books and journals for research, equipments and software for recording, etc. So any kind of help is highly appreciated.

My dream is to help a million people through my work—to help them get better jobs, build better relationships, make better decisions, build better habits, achieve both wealth and success, and in turn live a good life.

So, Thank you! Coffee&Junk would not be possible without your help. Patrons enable my career. I feel an enormous responsibility to deliver great content to them—to you—and I work tirelessly to do so.

I want this project to be something special. I want it to be something you look forward to every week. Thank you so much for your help. Really! Making C&J has been the joy of my life. I won't stop trying to impress you every week.

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