discusses the fundamentals of life, strategy, and antifragility. The central theme of this project is to help us Identify how the world works so that we can make it work for us.

coffeeandjunk follows the adage of the great Charlie Munger.

“Well, the first rule is that you can’t really know anything if you just remember isolated facts and try and bang ‘em back. If the facts don’t hang together on a latticework of theory, you don’t have them in a usable form.”

“You’ve got to have models in your head. And you’ve got to array your experience-both vicarious and direct-on this latticework of models.”

The weekly newsletter Sunday Wisdom contains a wide range of useful ideas. Long-form articles, videos, bite-sized posts, book recommendations, quotes, and more.

The long-form articles bring in ideas from various subjects. Like psychology, business, science, philosophy, economics. They are explained in a way that we can understand and put to use.

The YouTube videos discuss mental models, cognitive biases, and productivity tips. They share thoughts and ideas on decision making and problem solving.

There are always two sides to everything. The good and the bad. The seen and the unseen. The upside and the downside. In other words, the coffee and the junk. coffeeandjunk deals with both. How to both avoid and exploit cognitive biases to get things done. How to both avoid and exploit logical fallacies to win arguments. And also how to see both the positive and the negative aspects of a strategy.

coffeeandjunk shares principles and strategies of clear thinking and better living. But coffeeandjunk doesn’t offer any quick-fixes or shortcuts.

About Abhishek

Abhishek (that’s me) is the guy behind He curates the weekly newsletter, writes the articles, and creates the videos.

Abhishek is a designer based out of Mumbai. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Agartala. And a master’s degree in Interaction Design form IIT Bombay.

Abhishek’s dream is to help a million people through his work. Help them get better jobs; help them build better relationships; help them make better decisions; build better habits; achieve both wealth and success, and live a good life.

Abhishek spends his free-time by reading books, building products, and playing board games.

How to Get in Touch

If you want to report any issue with the newsletter; if you wish to invite Abhishek for an interview or to speak at a conference; if you simply want to say “Hello”, Abhishek can be reached through Twitter, Instagram, and email.

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